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About Zia . . .

"Everyone is an artist.

Your life is your greatest creation."

- Zia Eubanks

Creativity has been the mainstay throughout my life. Since childhood I've had a passion to create. My imagination was a tool I learned to use early in life as a means of escaping, at times, a difficult reality. I now see this as a gift. Without those hardships I wouldn't have been able to strengthen my "imagination muscle." This gift of being able to use my inner vision helps me to bring the unseen into the seen! I've used it all my life. Now I am fine tuning it!


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Encouraging others! My other life long desire has been to help others embrace their own creative nature. As in the quote above, it is something we all have! However, lots of people don't see themselves that way. Something in my own heart pushes me to inspire others to look within and find that part of themselves - the calling of their own heart. For over a decade I facilitated 13-week classes in creative recovery, using the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. Those classes were some of the most rewarding of my life. Watching people open up to their hearts and begin following their dreams was awe inspiring!


Honestly, that is what inspires the work I do today. That desire is what led to my writing, and the creation of the Heart Archetype Quiz. And most recently, the new Podcast - Zia: Mystic Visionary: Holding Space for the New Paradigm. It is the motivation behind most everything I do.


Empowering people to re-connect with their heart and creative nature, and live life to the fullest!


I consider myself a . . .

  • Writer - My mainstay and first love. Words are my paints!

  • Teacher - Sharing my knowledge in a fun way that assists and encourages others in opening up to their full expression!

  • Creator - Using my creativity to turn ideas into things. It feels like magic!

  • Visionary - Owning  and using the gift of my claircognizance - the physic ability of seeing and knowing. It took me a long while to accept and own this gift. Now I use it and honor it!

  • Adventurer - Exploring and experiencing nature and the world through my own unique eyes. Appreciating life in a way that fills my spirt with joy!

All this is what led to the moniker - GottaCre8! It is the essence of my divine design . . . I gotta create!

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