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Caring Child

Why Take the Quiz?

Are you wondering why you should take the

Heart Archetype Quiz?  

There are 6 archetypes. Taking the quiz will help you determine yours. It can give your insight and answer the question . . .

"Are you listening to the call of your heart?

Listening to the call of your heart is the most

important thing you can do! 


Because. . . 

The World Needs You!

Now more than ever before we are being called to awaken to our hearts and live truly heart centered lives.

In doing so we connect with our authentic spirit and in turn elevate the energy of the planet!

Fear and divineness are running rampant!
We have the power to transform that into LOVE and COOPERATION!
That’s what this website is all about. Bringing about that change.
We can do it!
One person at a time.
Waking up to your innate truth and reconnecting with your heart is the way!
Taking the Heart Archetype Quiz is an opportunity for you to look inward and remember your deepest heart’s desire.
I’m not talking about big houses, expensive shoes or anything material. I’m talking about what brings you joy. What makes your heart sing. What you have to offer to humanity! Each and every one of us has that inside us. It’s a one-of-a-kind, never before, never again, expression of you!  Your Divine Design.
It’s takes some introspection. It requires letting go of old limiting beliefs. It asks you to open your mind to new possibilities!
Are you prepared for living your life connected to your authentic self? 
Living a heart centered life?
It’s calling you!
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