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Zia Eubanks, Author

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Becoming Zia:

A Tale of Transformation

"I looked up and saw three large birds floating on the air currents just above the labyrinth, their majesty and beauty intensifying my experience. I was transfixed watching them. There was no sound, just the graceful and elegant flight of birds swooping up and down and back and forth. I'm not sure how long I sat there: time had escaped me. I never walked the labyrinth that afternoon; I just sat on that bench having a moment with New Mexico and God."

Becoming Zia is a memoir about two weeks in the life of an ordinary woman who begins to experience the extra-ordinary through a series of magical and synchronistic events in the desert of New Mexico.   Her life forever changed!

This book is about life, healing, creativity, travel, adventure, and learning to become whole. Someone told her their was "magic" in the desert. They were right! 

A memoir that reads like a novel. 

Becoming You!
Interactive Workbook

Know Yourself!  Be Yourself!  Live it like Crazy!

This is a companion to the memoir Becoming Zia: A Tale of Transformation. Read the book and then explore the lessons for yourself! Discover and uncover your own truth and start living a more authentic life. Create your own transformation!

The four big lessons:

  • What other people think of you is none of your business.

  • We are in total control of our own happiness.

  • Setting boundaries is about you, no the other person.

  • You and your life are perfect just as they are.

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Pocket Guide to the New Paradigm

A little book filled with BIG ideas!

People all over the world are waking up!

There is a shift happening on the planet. It is the beginning of a new paradigm. Are you wondering what it's all about? This book explores two directions: This Way and That Way. Following the old or opening to a new way of living. The New Earth!


Contrast the Old Paradigm and the New Paradigm and decide for yourself. Our reality is based on a shared collective consciousness. We have the power to change it. Now, more than ever in our history, people are being called to elevate and use their creative powers to imagine a new world!

Are you being called?

Listen to the Audio Book for FREE! 

God means something different to every person.

The word "God" is charged for many people, as it was for Zia. She embarked on a year long journey, focused on the word to gain a deeper understanding and to reclaim her own understand and sense of God. She studied the writings of metaphysical teacher Emmet Fox, journaled, created art projects, and meditated. Through the process she developed the "God Cards" that are depicted in this book.

Open to any page for insight, inspiration, or a thought to meditate on.

"It is not possible that you could ever find yourself
anywhere God is not fully present."

- Emmet Fox

Exploring the Seven Aspects of God

God Cards Meditation & Inspiration Guide

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Mystical Tale of TWO SISTERS

One Seeking Love • One Seeking Attention

A Metaphysical Novella

Told by Zia's ninth great-grandmother, an Irish Seanchai - A Storyteller. 

Follow the story of two sisters as they search for their truth. Both on a journey of discovery bigger than they ever imagined. One finds her creative nature, the other her sexuality. What they learn changes the course of their lives and brings them full circle back to the truth that was always inside.

Everyone can find a piece of themselves in the sisters' story.

This book is a Metaphysical Novella, an extended short story with a a big dose of mystery and magic.

A Kid from Akron, Ohio's 


"I can't seem to get away from the feeling that I have a heavy coat that I must wear all the time. Sometimes it feels like a warm friend in the winter, but most of the time it is a heavy burden that I never seem to be able to put away for the other seasons of my life"

-Jeff Cochran

This book was fulfilling a promise I made to my husband Jeff in 2000. I promised I would help him tell his Vietnam story. This book was written posthumously, but includes writings from his journals, pictures from his time in Vietnam , historical documents and memories from our 34 years together. 

It tells the story of PTSD, a mental illness that he suffered during his service in the USMC and how it affected him. His desire was for others to know his story and how his war experience changed the course of his entire life.

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