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There is a New Paradigm emerging! This podcast was created to bring attention to, and hold space for that emerging paradigm. Manifesting is making the invisible, visible. The more people who can envision what is possible the sooner it will appear! Become part of the change in a powerful way! You are needed now, more than ever!


In 2020, Zia was gifted with a vision for the new paradigm. She was shown two directions, This Way and That Way. That Way - following the old and This Way imagining the new. Along with that she was given 5 Guiding Principles for the new paradigm. This podcast explores how together we can manifest the new earth! 

5 Guiding Principles

  • Unity Consciousness

  • Autonomy  & Self-Expression

  • Love & Cooperation

  • Multi-dimensional Energy Being

  • I Am That I Am

New Paradigm_edited.png

The book Zia wrote sharing the 'download' she

received about the New Paradigm.

How It Works

One day during meditation an “idea” arrived in my consciousness. I’ve learned to honor these. I envisioned sending slips of paper to some meaningful people in my life and ask them to write words that had meaning to them on the slips. They could be any words, they just had to have significance and importance to them. Without looking at the words, I would fold them and put them in a box. (I had the perfect one - a carved wooden box I found on a trip to Ireland.) 


Box with Slips.png

Next, I would pick a slip from the box, go into meditation, evoke my spirt guide Elsbeth, and see what information came through. Since these slips were charged with the energy of special people in my life, it gave the words more meaning. The vision showed me that I was to translate the words meaning for the New Paradigm. In this way I was continuing my mission of holding space for the new and bringing more attention to manifesting it into reality. With the charged slips, it allowed me to go deep into the field of the unknown and bring new ideas forward.


Once I received the information, it had to be shared. That is when I knew that a podcast was the medium. Since my spirit guide is an Irish Seanchai (storyteller) it made total sense. 


Here is what will happen. Once a week I open the box and pull a slip. With the mediation space prepared, and Elsbeth evoked, and I go into meditation. Once I have clarity on the word and its meaning in the new paradigm, I will record the podcast. This happens spontaneously, right after the meditation. I never know what will come through.


The purpose is two fold, one to connect with the words via the energy of the people in my life, which gives it a different sense of power, and two to stay focused on bringing attention to manifesting the new reality that is emerging.  This is how I am choosing to hold the space.


Like the reminder I received from my Yogi Tea,


“The unknown is where all outcomes are possible, enter it with grace.”


It is with grace that I enter the unknown to discover new possibilities. It is with love that I share the wisdom that unfolds, knowing that it has been passed along for a greater purpose. 


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How to Show Your Support

The podcast, the Heart Archetype Quiz, my books and website are my contribution to birthing the New Paradigm.  If you would like to support my work you can purchase any of my books, subscribe to the podcast or make a contribution.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

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